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Thursday, February 25


WHAT is Snowberry Studios?
Snowberry Studios is a Bruneian own video service company which offer simple but yet unique shooting and editing which we best described as 'photography in motion'. Such style produces unforgettable moments captured in dramatic techniques.

WHEN was Snowberry Studios established?
In the 1990's, when VHS tape and the bulky VHS player/recorder was the coolest thing to have, a videographer began to learn the art of shooting and editing from his father who was then a well-known freelance wedding videographer.

Since then the owner has been providing freelance videographer services on the recommendations of friends and family.
The company was unnamed back then. The business went commercial when it was officially registered in April 2009 under the name Snowberry Studios.

WHY the name Snowberry Studios (SS)?
Videography service is a competitive business and one way to highlight the existence of SS in the market is by creating a brand name which is not only unique but also easy to remember. So names like Blueberry Studios and White Room Studios was amongst those thought of.

Snowberry Studios was ultimately chosen because of the ‘snow’ factor which would definitely capture people's attention and fascination in a country which literally is scorching hot!

WHO are the staff of SS?
SS at this juncture is a one man run company where Syam is the owner, videographer and video editor. However, in instances clients require multiple videographers, SS will make the necessary arrangements to work together with other videographers.

WHERE is SS located?
As a sole proprietor, SS is, for now, registered on a home address in Tanjong Bunut, Brunei. However, the owner does have plan to expand the business by renting an office space and employing professional staff in the long run.

Owner's Note

"I am a part-time videographer/editor and creating high quality video is my passion. I've always try to push the limit of videography via 'affordable' equipments and technology. I'm in this industry to share my passion with everyone while creating incredible video legacy for my clients.

I started in the 1990's for several years before I took a long leave from wedding videography due to study and work. In 2008, I bought my Panasonic 3CCD and jump started my video career. There was no looking back thereon.

I would never forget my first wedding shot using my father's bulky Panasonic shoulder videocam on a VHS tape, it was horrible! Shaky, unfocused shots! *thanks dad for your frank constructive comment ;-)* Editing was even more depressing, where the videocam played the recorded tape and another VHS recorder connected via an RCA cable, standing by to record the original content. The copy would lose its quality everytime you make a copy.. :-((

Music you ask? Direct self engineered cabling from a tape player or audio CD player to the RCA cable (you have to be MacGyver to be able to do this.. LOL). As for video title, they were shot direct from the PC's monitor..

When technology finally caught up, it was a blessing to editing!! Video can then be transferred via firewire to my computer and editing software allow timeline editing, insertion of special effect , color grading and most important of all; burning video to VCD, DVD and more recently Blu-Ray Disc (BRD)..

The hardships during those eras have made me to be more appreciative of the convenient of today's editing and see the world of videography in a different perspective

- Syam

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Commencing 24 Sept 2009, all our videos and related stuff will be placed at our new complementary blog named Snowberry Studios' Gallery & Archive at http://snowberry-gallery.blogspot.com .

This is to allow a more systematic archiving and also for quick and easy retrieval of files.

ENJOY your visit!!


Commencing today 26 October 2009, all our videos will have this introductory 14 seconds snowfall montage, right before our DVD interactive/animated menu.

Our New Montage from Snowberry Studios on Vimeo.

Monday, July 27

Snow from Francois Jordaan on Vimeo.
This video is not shot by Snowberry Studios!! Mr Francois shared this beautiful snowfall video at Vimeo. We posted it here for all to enjoy!

Monday, April 6


Specifications: 2 Intel Quad Core Xeon, 6.0GB ~dubbed by Apple as the fastest Mac ever!

Secondary PC: Upgraded HP D330: Intel Pentium 4(R) 2.0GB

2. EDITING SOFTWARE: Final Cut Pro 6

Comment from fcpproducer.com (a professional U.S. based FCP user)

"Another fine example of the power Final Cut Pro. It has been used by Independent filmmakers for years and is currently being used more for Hollywood films and Broadcast TV. I recall when I first learned Final Cut Pro I went to an editing boutique in NYC for an assistant editing position. They laughed and told me that FCP would never be the status quo and I better learn AVID. Some people never want to give someone a chance to learn on another system…so I left, without job. That boutique is now out of business and FCP is in high demand."


Manufacturer Description: Sony High Definition HDR-FX7E 3CMOS
It’s all in the details. And with the HDR-FX7 Handycam camcorder, you’ll capture every last one of them in high-definition. The first consumer level HDV 1080i recorder and player in the world turns all your memories into masterpieces. With a 20x optical zoom Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T Lens and 1.2-megapixel image capture to Memory Stick Duo media, your moments will never fade away. Additionally, when you record video in high-definition, you can dual-record still images at the same time. So no matter the occasion, the HDR-FX7 is the perfect camcorder.

4. EQUIPMENT: Steadicam Merlin (U.S.)
A Steadicam is a stabilizing mount for a motion picture camera, which mechanically isolates the operator's movement from the camera, allowing a very smooth shot even when the operator is moving quickly over an uneven surface. The smallest, lightest Steadicam which can be used with a support arm and vest is the Steadicam Merlin.

5. Equipment: Glidetrack HD Hybrid (Scotland)

DSLR cameras are swiftly driving convergence of conventional photography and cinematography. Designed to help professional and amateur film makers make great video, Glidetrack products produce smooth tracking (sideways) camera shots, adding an extra element of professionalism to your shooting.

The new Glidetrack Hybrid slider system, developed exclusively in conjunction with Igus (r), has been designed to offer an evolution of the traditional plain Drylin carriage systems. In addition to the traditional drylin self lubricating liners, the new carriage now runs on four self lubricating, dry running roller bearings. As a result, The Glidetrack Hybrid Carriage requires 4-5 times less force to move than the traditional Drylin liners.

6. Equipment: Manfrotto 501HDV Fluid Head (Italy)

The Manfrotto 501HDV is a video head which features a counterbalance spring to ensure smooth movements. It features separate pan and tilt locks, and a gradual tilt friction adjustment system. Uses the 501PL quick release plate. Ideal accessory for the Glidetrack HD range.

7. Sony FX7 + Manfrotto 501HDV + Glidetrack

8. HD-DSLR: Canon 5D Mark II (coming soon!!)
With Canon 5D, we will introduce a new alternative video format for our clients, full 1080p High Definition. Over time, our soon-to-be-launched "SNOWberry HD" will eventually replace our high quality Standard Definition (SD) format for an unprecedented viewing experience.


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